Apr 9, 2013 8:18 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Monday's storm, wind damages Rose Ranch Animal Rescue

AVRA VALLEY - An animal rescue ranch is coping with damage caused by a storm that hit parts of Southern Arizona Monday night.

Fragments of Michael Howell's dream of expanding the Rose Ranch Animal Rescue were tossed around like toys.

"I just can't believe it ripped that whole roof off," Howell told News 4 Tucson.

The powerful gusts of Monday's storm took its toll on the rescue demolishing structures, destroying the hay supply and even collapsing the roof on one of the corrals while a horse was inside.

"I freaked out because the horse is an older horse. She's got a lot of health problems. The very first question -- not caring about the corrals or anything -- is the horse okay?" Howell said.

Thankfully the retired show horse wasn't hurt physically but the experience has the animal on edge.

"Now she's freaking out if she sees something fly by. She's really scared. She's skiddish. She's spooky," Howell said.

A sanctuary for animals of all sizes, shapes and colors, Howell says it will be especially tough to afford the repairs let alone make improvements.

Jim Bourner lives next door to the rescue and said he's never seen anything like the damage there in the ten years he's live in Avra Valley.

"I heard we were going to have winds and I wasn't really that concerned about damage because we never really had damage before," Bourner said.

As for the future of the rescue itself, Howell said he's keeping positive -- they'll start fresh, building up with a new resiliance.

"We've got to just start from square one again," Howell said.

The Rose Ranch Animal Rescue's biggest challenge is coming up with the cash to make the needed repairs.

If you would like to help out you can send a donation to PO BOX 874 CORTARO ARIZONA 85652 (checks can be made out to Rose Ranch Animal Rescue).

If you would like to donate your time and volunteer you can call: 520-258-9600


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