Jun 13, 2013 10:06 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Monsoon Safety: keeping your pets calm through the storm

TUCSON- When the rains pour down and lightning strikes, our four-legged friends pretty much freak out.

"I've seen dogs chew a hole straight through a wooden fence trying to get out because they're just trying to escape that noise," says Jeff Carver of Pima County Animal Care.

Carver says during the monsoon pet owners should keep their animals inside as much as possible. "We try to make sure we're home if a storm is coming, or we'll turn the radio really high to block out some of the noise," says Dog Owner Ginny Daversa.

Daversa has also used what is called a "thunder shirt" to calm her dog "Denver" down. "It's a wrap you wrap around their body really tight and it sort of relieves their anxiety level," Daversa says.

It's not just the storm sounds that create problems for our pets.

When rain softens the ground, the Colorado River toads come out and they can be deadly. "Colorado River toads have a gland on their head and when they are stressed, as in a dog grabbing them, they release that and it can actually poison the dog," Carver says.

Carver says if that happens, take a garden hose and rinse out your dog's mouth from the side.

One last tip to remember, even during the monsoon, heat still poses a danger to our pets. "The temperature during the earlier part of the day can still get in to the triple digits," Carver says.

For more tips on how to keep your pets safe during the monsoon visit AZ Emergency Information Network.


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