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Aug 8, 2013 9:00 PM by Kristi Tedesco

Monster trucks rev up for swim safety

TUCSON - August is Drowning Impact Awareness Month in Arizona. Statewide there's often a spike in water related accidents this time of year.

It's important not to let your guard down when it comes to water safety.

Twelve kids were involved in water related accidents in Pima County this year and one of those was fatal.

Ethan Bennett almost drowned in a swimming pool four years ago. He suffered permanent damage. He's counting on some monster friends to help spread the word and save lives.

Ethan and his mom Rose were fans of monster trucks before he was injured in 2009.

They didn't stop going to events and eventually met organizer David Pearce.

"He brought us down. Introduced us to some of the drivers and we've been friends ever since," says Rose.

David is thrilled the trucks mean so much to Ethan.

"He reaches for them. He tries to touch them. He high fives the drivers. He really, really enjoys the trucks," says David.

Kristi's Kids caught up with Ethan at Boot Barn where he was helping with the next big event: The Tucson Mud Drags at the Tucson Rodeo Grounds, Aug 23 and 24th

After learning about the impact of drowning on families from Ethan, David is compelled to educate people during Drowning Impact Awareness Month.

"You know you got to watch your kids. You got to watch grownups. Never go swimming by yourself. A.B.C.'s of water prevention. All that stuff. It all applies."

And so there will be a Water Safety Expo at the Mud Drags.

"Who would have ever thought, water safety and monster trucks would go together," says Rose.

There will be lots of fun ways to learn about swim safety.

"We're going to have a dunk tank. You can dunk firefighters and bunch of different things," says Rose.

Click here for more information about this month's event.

You can also check out Monster Truck Throwdown on Facebook.


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