Jan 29, 2013 7:19 PM by Erika Flores

More details into toddler disappearances

TUCSON - Two children are missing and police now believe the disappearances may be related.

A warrant has been issued for Danielle Lovemore after her daughter Estella disappeared Sunday.

The two-year-old daughter of Lovemore's boyfriend, Luis Palacios is also missing.

Neighbors said they haven't seen Luis Palacio in months.

They said they've seen police come by the neighborhood searching for clues on where Palacio could be.

Sean Adams lives in the neighborhood and said he would see Palacio from time to time with his daughter Caroline and Caroline's mom.

Adams said he never thought Palacio would take off with his daughter.

"I spoke to him a couple times just passing by. He seemed like a normal guy. It's pretty scary though," said Adams.

Tucson police tell News 4 Tucson Luis Palacio is wanted for custodial interference.

Both he and Carolyn's mother had an agreement that allowed them to have Carolyn for several days at a time, but when Luis Palacio was expected to return Caroline, he didn't.

That was in November.

As for Estella Lovemore, police said Palacio was interviewed by police around the same time about Estella.

On November 24, Estella was taken to the emergency room with a broken elbow and bruising on her face.

Estella's mother Danielle was there with Palacio.

They both told police when Estella woke up that morning, they tried to give her a bottle, and she couldn't hold it on her own.

They told police they then searched the internet which recommended they take the baby to the hospital.

Tucson Police closed the investigation after a doctor said the injuries could have been from a fall, but CPS took custody of the child.

Now, Marana police are on the lookout for Palacio.

They believe he could bring some insight on where his girlfriend Lovemore could be with her daughter Estella.

Police believe Lovemore took Estella from the Gymnastics World near Ina and the I10 Sunday afternoon during a supervised visit.

"Right now he's really a person of interest. Right now what we are trying to do is get the public's assistance to see if we can find out where Danielle is where Estella is or where Luis is," said Sgt. Jose Alvarez with Marana PD.

Marana Police said Lovemore did not take off in her car, and police said they have also spotted the car Palacio frequently drives and he was nowhere to be found.

Police said the couple left with few things and could still be in the area.

If you know where Luis Palacio or Danielle Lovemore could be call 88-CRIME.


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