Feb 9, 2012 1:31 PM

More electric vehicle charging stations planned around town

TUCSON - Gas prices are on the rise again and that might have some thinking about buying an electric car. Electric vehicles aren't selling as rapidly as car dealers had hoped, in fact, over the past few months sales are down.

That might be because it's difficult to find power stations around town. But plans are in place to make it easier to fill up those electric cars.

Right now there are 50 commercial charging stations for electric cars in Tucson. Contracts are signed for 50 more stations.

Wednesday night two new stations went online the parking lot of the Copper Plaza office building on Campbell north of Grant. Stephen Grimm of Grimm Commercial tells News4 Tucson all electric car owners are welcome to power up at his station, free of charge for one year.

"I don't think there's that many people that have the cars, but this is for any cars in the area.They get to charge for free. Then after the first year, as the owner we can charge whatever rate we would like to charge for the electricity," Grimm said.

Even then filling up with electricity should be much cheaper than filling up with gas and Grimm says going green is good for the entire community.


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