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Jul 19, 2012 9:00 PM

More than 6,000 kids in swim lessons this summer

TUCSON -- Children often die in water related accidents. We launched the News 4 Tucson Kristi's Kids Lifesaver program to keep your kids safe in the summer.

City of Tucson Parks and Recreation offer summer swim programs including affordable lessons for families all over town.

Many of city's swimming pools would have remained closed this summer but thanks in part to the Tucson Police Department and other sponsors, some remained open.

As a result over 6,000 kids were in swim lessons this summer!

"I learned how to, for my first time how to do the gliding," says Neill Marble. He's 5 years-old and is taking swim classes at Quincie Douglas.

"I jumped off the diving thing that people dive off of in Olympics," says 9 year-old Emma, Neill's sister. "I jumped off there."

Neill and Emma have been taking swim lessons most of their lives!

"We've been doing swimming lessons either here or at the Edith Ball, since Emma was 4 and Neill was 1," says Amy Marble, their mother.

Parents like swim lessons for the obvious reason. It's a great way to keep the kids cool on hot summer days.

And these classes could be a lifesaver. Besides learning how to swim, little swimmers learn all about water safety.

"How to enter a pool. What to do when you are around the pool. Who needs to be available when you're going to go swimming," says Amy.

That's mission number one for instructors and lifeguards.

"Not only how to swim but how to respect the water how to watch out for each other. Lots of safety tips," says Erick Rogers a Lifeguard with the City of Tucson.

The city offers four sessions which go for two weeks. This package includes 8 classes and each lesson runs about 30 to 40 minutes.

"You know being in a class like this with their friends and meeting new people. All around just a great experience for them," says Rogers.

Click here for more information about the News 4 Tucson Kristi's Kids Lifesaver program.


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