Jan 31, 2013 6:51 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Mother of missing girl makes plea for help

TUCSON - Two children are missing and police believe their disappearances may be related.

The mother of one is making a plea for her safe return.

A warrant's been issued for Danielle Lovemore.

Police say, she disappeared with her 10-month old daughter Estella on Sunday.

Meantime the two year old daughter of Lovemore's boyfriend, Luis Palacio is also missing.

Police are calling him a person of interest.

His estranged wife is praying for both children's safe return.

Missing child posters are circulating the internet.

Two missing children, the mother of one in tears searching for answers.

Anna Oddo says, "I don't know how to live without her, I want my baby back,"

Oddo hopes someone, somewhere recognizes baby Caroline.

She has fair skin, hazel eyes and light hair.

Police believe she's with her dad Luis Palacio.

Anna says she and Palacio are separated and split time with Caroline.

But when Palacio was to return her, he didn't. That was in November she Oddo.

"I don't like where his mind is right now, it's not a good place and you can't really put a child into it. And he's not acting like a sane person," says Oddo.

Police are also trying to track down Palacio's girlfriend Danielle Lovemore and her baby named Estella.

She has red hair and blue eyes.

Child Protective Services was investigating Lovemore and allowed supervised visits with her daughter.

They disappeared in the middle of one at the Gymnastics World near Ina and 1-10 Sunday.

Caroline's mother and grandma are hoping the pair do the right thing.

Mary Oddo says, "please bring Caroline home, it crushes me to see my child cry."

"I should have protected you better, protected you better, I feel I should have done something," Oddo cries for her daughter.

They plan to team up with Estella's family Saturday morning at Reid Park to pass out fliers.

They'll be at the Bemeester Outdoor Center from 9 until 11.


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