May 14, 2013 6:15 PM

Mother seeks justice for her son

It will be a miserable Mother's Day for Julie Rogers. Her son Jacob Wycoff died after he was hit by a truck in Catalina in March. Rogiers says as time passes she's worried her 22-year-old old son's death won't get any justice.

The suspect Andrew R. Perez posted bond and was released from jail. He faces a class two felony of leaving the scene of an accident with death.

Rogiers worries the case will not be prosecuted, "I feel in my heart of hearts this was not an accident. I believe it was intentional this guy knew my son; beyond a shadow a doubt he knew my son."

The Pima County Attorney's Office would not discuss details of the case but released the following statement, "In leaving the scene cases, there is a wide range of penalties depending on who caused the collision and the damage or injury resulting from the collision. Penalties range from a class two felony to a class three misdemeanor.
Each case is unique and presents its own set for facts and circumstances, and therefore its own unique challenges. One of the biggest hurdles in these cases is proving what a defendant knew about the nature of the damage or injury resulting from the collision. There are numerous other elements the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conviction in these cases. Any one of the elements can present a challenge depending on the facts of the case."

Rogiers said she hopes her son's hit-and-run death doesn't set a precedent for others, "I think people are very aware that you can kill someone with a vehicle and not get murder charges and that's scary."


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