May 12, 2013 10:46 PM by Erika Flores

Mother with 10 kids hopes to inspire foster parents

TUCSON-A Tucson mother is feeling the love this Mother's Day.

Tawnya Groen and her husband have ten adopted children and one they foster.

They are this year's foster parents of the year, and her adopted children spoke out about how the Groens have helped them through dark times, especially mom.

Their oldest Brittney said every Mother's Day is a special one since she's been in this family.

She said she doesn't know where she would be without them.

"I felt secure with this family the first night I met them," said Brittney Groen.

Now 21, she was adopted by the Groens when she was 16 after a traumatic experience.

"In my previous adopted family, the father wasn't such a good person," said Groen.

Groen said she struggled to believe she could find a forever home where she would feel secure.

"Finding this family changed that I'm actually able to trust somebody as a father," said Groen.

And of her mother: "She's really loving and caring. She helps me through a lot in life."

Groen said her mother always saves the day.

"When I spend time with her, it just helps clear my mind," said Groen.

It's something Tawnya Groen has been doing for the past eleven years for close to 50 children.

"Group homes do the best they can do, shelters do the best that they can do, but they don't measure up to a family," said Groen.

The Groens have adopted 10 kids so far and are fostering a baby.

"To make sure their developmental needs are met and all of those things and how they can flourish in that kind of environment, that's amazing," said Tawnya.

Their oldest is 21 and the youngest one.

"She loves us and she makes food and she helps us when we have hard problems," said seven-year-old Aubrey Groen.

Hard problems that only a loving mother can help wipe away.


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