May 20, 2013 1:16 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Mt. Lemmon has plenty of water for fire season

SUMMERHAVEN - The Mount Lemmon Water District is ready for wildfire season.

Maichael Stanley is the District's manager.

"If we have a fire, our water system is set up to be able to help the fire department and the forest service combat fires," he said.

They have a 2-million gallon capacity. In 2007, they built a tank that holds 800,000 gallons. That would last the homes 2 months without any other water source.

The tanks are full now, but this is the time of year the levels drop. If they get too low, home supplies will be cut, just so firefighters have a water source.

"There could actually be a time when we have less water," Stanley said, "and we would have to ration. Those days, I hope, are far away."

Kris Munoz was camping with a friend on Mount Lemmon Sunday night. He knows how important it is to extinguish his bonfire.

"I don't want all of Tucson to hate me," he said. "It's your responsibility to keep an eye on it."


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