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Apr 25, 2014 8:56 PM by Lupita Murillo

Murder charges dropped against two husbands accused of killing their wives

TUCSON - Did two husbands accused of killing their wives get away with murder? That's what many people are asking about Todd Rounds and Arthur Slatin. Both men were charged with murder, then had those charges dropped.

"It's horrible, I can't even understand how anybody could excuse either one of these cases." says domestic abuse survivor, Lee Lashlee. She says she was in constant fear of her life from her ex husband. "He had lots of weapons, knives, and guns, he was a sharp shooter and an ex cop. "

She left the marriage after 16 years, wrote a book and is now speaking out for the victims like Maricella Slatin and Donna Rounds.

On February 8th Todd Rounds called 911 and told police that he ran over his wife and admitted he had been drinking.

Tucson police charged him with second degree murder. Five days later, the charges were dropped.

In another case, in October 2013 Arthur Slatin stabbed his wife Maricella during an argument. He was charged with first degree murder. Slatin claimed it was self defense. His attorney Mike Piccarreta asked the case be taken back to the Grand Jury. "It was very clear that Mr. Slatin was attacked, the knife was brought into play by the deceased, his wife was trying to kill him and unfortunately for her, and fortunate for him he survived."

Emerge helps victims of domestic abuse, Executive Director Ed Mercurio-Sakway tells News 4 Tucson, "Regardless of the reason whether its due to a lack of evidence or what have you it means that the victims death goes without anybody being held accountable for it."

The agency served 5,600 people last year. There is help available for people who are victims of domestic abuse.

"There's resources out there to help them so they can reach out before it reaches that point and getting the help they need to find a safer life for them and their children. So that it doesn't end in death."

The Pima County Attorney's office tells New 4 Tucson, in the Slatin case, the Grand Jury made the decision not to indict. In the Rounds case, the case is still under investigation.

If you need more information contact the Emerge Hotline at 795-4266 or visit


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