Oct 16, 2013 9:17 PM by Sam Salzwedel

Music fans mourn loss of Bisbee duo

TUCSON - Music lovers are mourning the loss of a duo from Bisbee. Amy and Derrick Ross were better known as Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl.

Monday, somebody apparently posted on Amy Ross' Facebook, "Hey kids! Bad news! I died this morning and Derrick didn't know how to tell you. I love you all and hope you go out and be nice to someone. Funerals are a bore so hopefully I don't have one. Give Derrick some space... He stinks at this stuff so leave him be for now. Thanks for all the kindness... Please spread it around."

Comedian, Doug Stanhope posted on Twitter, "Whiskey died this morning before surgery. Today stinks real real bad."

The couple regularly played at Delectables Restaurant and Catering on Tucson's Fourth Avenue. The owner, Donna DiFiore, considered them more than just entertainers.

"It was like having my children walk in and say, ‘Hey, how you doing? We're here,'" DiFiore said. "They would always kind of run in at the last minute, the last second. And they would throw this, throw that, put this up, and poof, they'd be up playing."

DiFiore read the news about Whiskey Girl in an email.

"The very first one up was telling me that Amy was gone," she said, "and kind of changed my whole disposition for the rest of the night."

Then it got worse. Amy Ross' Facebook read, "Sorry to bring more bad news but Derrick decided to join me at some point in the night last night. I thought it best you heard it from me. Enjoy every sandwich. We love and will miss you all. Go be nice to someone for us."

Stanhope posted on Twitter, "Nowhere Man killed himself last night. Two of our favorite people in the world in 24 hours. Stunned."

Bisbee Police confirmed they are investigating Derrick Ross' death, which appears to be a suicide.

DiFiore is not thinking about the details, just the loss.

"A lot of people lost fabulous, fabulous musicians," she said. "But more than that, the rare humans."

Delectables hosted an impromptu memorial concert Tuesday night. They are planning another show Saturday, October 26.


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