Jul 2, 2014 1:00 AM by Lupita Murillo

N4T Crimetrackers: Apprehensions in Arizona lowest ever

TUCSON - The Arizona border has the largest amount of agents, technology, and infrastructure in the country.

Border Patrol officials are saying that's part of the reason it's gone from apprehending 2,000 people in a day to 190.

The Sasabe area was once the busiest area for illegal entries but Border Patrol placed new technology and now they say there's nowhere to hide. Andy Adame, spokesman for U.S. Border Patrol says they are using ground radar technology.

He said, "Arizona is the most dangerous portion of the border to come through." And it's one of the most secure areas. He adds, the Mobile Surveillance System is one of the latest pieces of high tech equipment along the border that picks up the movement of people.

"It tracks them, it locks in on them, it brings the camera around it focuses on the group that you are looking at."

The technology is such that the agent can move away from it, "And it will continue to track that person through the desert until agents get there."

The MSS along with other high tech devices is being credited for lowering apprehensions. Since the fiscal year began there's been a 25% decrease over last year. "That's a big plus for border security."

Unlike the year 2000, when apprehensions were at the highest ever, "The border was totally out of control. That's the year that Border Patrol here in Arizona with 2,000 agents apprehended more than 725,000 undocumented aliens."

So as the apprehensions are down marijuana seizures are at a record high. "That clutter is removed from the border equation thereby leaving the drug cartels wide open for us to apprehend and seize their contraband."

So whether its apprehensions, or drug seizures, Adame said, "Our job is to secure the border and that's what we're doing."

Even with all this new technology Border Patrol says there's nothing more important than the agents who protect our border.


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