Jul 9, 2014 10:23 PM by Lupita Murillo

N4T Crimetrackers: Mother of 13-year-girl found dead cries out for justice

TUCSON - The mother of a teenager found dead in the desert is speaking out.

Maribel Gonzales' body was found in Avra Valley last month. Her mother Valerie Colonge is the only survivor from Tucson's double homicide on New Year's day.

The body of 13-year-old Maribel was spotted in the desert near Avra Valley. The Pima County Sheriff's Department Homicide Unit is investigating, but they're dealing with more than just her death. There are hateful comments on Facebook.

Valerie was nearly killed six months ago, it was her daughter, she says, that gave her the strength to get better and now a part of Valerie has died.

"She was beautiful, I just want her home, I wish she would just come home." Valerie knows her 13-year-old little girl will never be coming home. "I need to find who did this to my daughter."

Maribel, or Mari as the family called her, left her house on June 3 to spend the night at a friends house. "She wasn't a runaway like they said before, I don't know why they are saying that."

What she does know is that the two were very close and her last words to her daughter, "I told her I loved her, she said she loved me too, like always."

She never expected her daughter would turn up dead, then the unthinkable, people posting horrible things on Facebook. "My 13-year-old daughter is laying somewhere dead and they think it is funny, they think their comments really help?"

Valerie knows her situation of being hospitalized for months impacted her daughter. "She would tell me not to cry." But at the same time, it was Maribel who was giving her strength. "You can do it mom, you can do it. Whatever pain I was going through she said you'll get better mom, you'll get better."

And she did even though she nearly didn't make it, now she's asking for the publics help to find the person responsible for Maribel's death. "If they could find it in their hearts to help me, that would be the best, because that means they have a heart."


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