Dec 29, 2013 6:08 PM by Associated Press

Navajo blogger pairs humor, politics in articles

FLAGSTAFF - A Navajo blogger is using satire to draw attention to tribal politics.

Andrew Curley first wrote about Navajo President Ben Shelly being furious that the National Security Agency had not been monitoring his phone calls.

Truth is, Shelly constantly is battling with the federal government for the tribe to be recognized as a sovereign nation. But, no, he doesn't want anyone tapping his cellphone.

The stories play to a culture known for shadowing humor in elements of fact and tradition for storytelling.

Curley follows American Indian poets, journalists, filmmakers, cartoonists and comedians whose material pull from stereotypes, the missteps of tribal government, a history of oppression and from life on the reservation to amuse audiences.

Curley says he wants people to think critically about news and question the motives of people in power.


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