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Oct 28, 2013 9:56 PM by Lupita Murillo

Neighborhood hero helps nab car thieves

TUCSON - Three people, including a minor were busted and are behind bars after a rash of car break-ins, during the early morning hours.

The arrests were made possible thanks to barking dogs, a vigilant neighbor, and quick response by Tucson police.

It happened at a South side neighborhood.

Tucson police say seven vehicles were broken into and one was even stolen.

Bryana Meyers says two of her family members were victims.

She says it's a good thing Tucson police caught the suspects because if she would have caught them breaking into her mom's car and stealing from her brother's car, she would have shot them.
Most of the vehicles were on Saxony Street near Enchanted Hills Drive. It's near Mission Road and Ajo.

Meyers says everyone in the neighborhood works hard for what they have.

Tucson police say 911 calls started coming just after 4 this morning, but the thieves had no idea just how vigilant the neighbors were.

According to the police, one neighbor chased one of the suspects and held him until police got there.

Victim Pete Arriola said, "I think it's awesome. When my house was broken into, my next door neighbor was able to get them too, and we were able to get our stuff back. Yeah I think it's good to look out for one another."

Police say a dodge pickup truck was stolen, and later recovered.

Officers arrested 19-year-old Anthony Bujanda and charged with him with one count of burglary.

They also arrested 21-year-old Kaleb Payne.

He's charged with auto theft and burglary.

A 17-year-old man was also arrested, and Tucson Police are not releasing his name.

He's charged with marijuana possession and other charges are pending.

The victims credit their neighbor for helping police catch the thieves.

Bryana Meyers said, "He was really awesome for what he did. A lot of people's stuff got returned it was a very heroic act of him. We appreciate everything he's done."

The neighborhood hero did not want his name or address given out.

He tells News 4 Tucson, "I just did what was right."


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