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Jan 15, 2014 6:57 PM by Nathan O'Neal

New details in voyeurism incident at Casa de Los Ninos

TUCSON - A local man entrusted with children is accused of voyeurism at a child welfare agency.

Mark Loebe, 27, was arrested for watching a 12-year-old girl shower at Casa de Los Ninos. That's a class five felony. He was released from the Pima County Jail Tuesday night without bond.

Loebe was an employee at Casa -- although it is unclear for how long and in what capacity.

Staff at Casa de Los Ninos declined an on-camera interview. However, a spokesperson told News 4 Tucson that as soon as they were notified of the allegations back in December, Loebe was put on administrative leave.

News 4 Tucson went to Loebe's last known address to track him down. Neighbors said that he kept to himself.

"Everybody's always out -- the neighbors and stuff, but never them. They come and they park and it's just like nobody lives there," said Chrystal Castro, who runs a day care center across the street.

Casa de Los Ninos cares for children, often abused and in Child Protective Services. It's bathing policies mirror state regulations, which require some supervision in the bathroom areas -- but they are not gender specific.

The details of this incident involving Loebe are unclear.

However, Loebe has a checkered past -- one he spoke of back in 2007 to the Tucson Citizen. He was beaten to the brink of death as an infant, the article said.

"I could have died in the hospital," he told the Tucson Citizen. "But I didn't. There must be a reason I'm here. The only thing I can come up with is that I'm here to help kids who are going through what I went through."

For some, that's a disturbing twist.

"We own a daycare so most of our kids are foster kids ... to know what they've been through and then for that to happen, it's hard to believe because it's just sad," Castro said.


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