Dec 6, 2012 10:22 PM by Lupita Murillo

New documents detail school lockdown

TUCSON - News 4 obtained documents from the Pima County Sheriff's Department detailing what happened when Flowing Wells Junior High went into lockdown last month.

The documents show Principal Peter Wells found a note outside the nurse's office on November 16. It read, "I have a gun and only nine bullets, and, if I hear a siren, I'm going to kill people."
It also said, "all the teachers that have been a (expletive deleted). I am going to kill and more."

Tom Peine, spokesman for the Pima County Sheriff's Department says, "Notes, threats of this particular nature are always taken serious and are always treated as a series threat."

Pima County sheriff's deputies took possession of the note and measures to lockdown the school.

The documents show a staff member told deputies she had seen "Three students near the nurse's office just after first period." In all, "Five students were pulled out. They were subsequently searched and their lockers were searched. Nothing of suspicious nature was found."

A search of each classroom also took place. Each classroom was entered by law enforcement and the students were directed to stand at their desks and to leave their backpacks and bags of the floor.

The end of the report shows there was no probable cause to make any arrests and the principal says he will continue an in-house investigation. News 4 spoke with Wells, who says they never found out who wrote the note. He also said no weapons or drugs were found on campus.

Deputy Peine says "One of the most important things in situations like this is containment of a situation like that. The containment of a possible threat and to insure the safety and security of staff members, students, anybody who is around the school."

He says, they decided to have a multi agency approach in order to conduct the search for weapons in a safe and efficient manner.

Each classroom was searched, and each back pack, and school locker. "Communication is key to our business and in this case it worked and hence we have a positive outcome."


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