Sep 26, 2013 10:26 AM by Ryan Haarer

New MUSD fields saving money and water

TUCSON- If you've been to a game at Marana or Mountain View High School this year you've seen the new and improved fields.

They're state of the art not just because of their look but what they do for the environment. The fields are completely artificial and paid for as part of a voter approved bond. The return is expected to be quite large.

Construction finished in august right in time for the school year. One major benefit turf fields have is the elimination of a process called crowning where the field has to be adjusted to prevent water from pooling and flooding the field. Crowning costs the district $900,000 every seven years.

In addition to getting rid of crowning, artificial turf requires very little water.

"By having this facility here we don't need to use that water. When we don't use that water other people can have access to it. So we are saving, I believe the number is between eight and ten thousand dollars a year in water," said Mt. View High School Athletic Director, Todd Garelick.

Players love it because it's cool looking. It's just like some fields seen on college campuses.

"I think now with the technology these companies are coming up with, turf fields have the same impacts as grass. They have a lot of give to them but they have the same time they give you the support you need when you are running and moving on it to be efficient," said head coach Clarence Mcrae.

It's not just football that will be getting use out of this field. Soccer, track and field, and band will use the field. Administrators hope this facility will become home to several semifinal games and tournaments as well.


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