Jan 4, 2013 8:21 PM by Alyssa Reilly

New policy for wild horse and burro sales

NEVADA - The Bureau of Land Management enacted a new policy to improve its management and care of wild horses and burros.

The policy requires:

  • No more than four wild horse and/or wild burros may be bought by an individual or group within a six-month period from the BLM without prior approval of the Bureau's Assistant Director for Renewable Resources and Planning.
  • When buying wild horses and/or wild burros, purchasers must describe where they intend to keep the animals for the first six months following the sale. Without prior approval from the Assistant Director, the BLM will not sell more than four animals destined for a single location in this six-month period.
  • Buyers must provide transportation for the purchased animal from the BLM's short-term holding corrals or other locations to its new home. Specifics regarding acceptable trailers can be obtained from the new interim policy.
  • The BLM will inspect trailers and reserves the right to refuse loading if the trailer does not ensure the safety and humane transport of the animal.


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