Mar 23, 2013 8:51 PM by Erika Flores

New Tombstone residents discovered their truck sinking in a hole

TOMBSTONE, Ariz. -A sinkhole forced some residents in Tombstone to evacuate from their homes.

A homeowner discovered it Friday after his semi got stuck in it.

The couple who lives there moved in just two days ago.

When they decided to move in from Chicago, the couple expected a peaceful beginning for their new life in Tombstone, but instead they got this big welcome.

"The concrete broke and the truck went into the hole," said Mike Berryman.

Berryman said the first night at his new home, he parked the semi on his property and everything was okay, but Friday night:

"I didn't know if the truck was going to go all the way in the hole or what," he said.

Berryman is all smiles now, but not when he discovered his truck sinking in the hole.

"It was pretty scary," said Berryman.

Firefighters were called in and barricaded the area.

"We then evacuated down to second from Freemont to Allen street," said Robert Austin with Tombstone Fire.

They feared the street could come caving in.

"That it was possibly a shaft and that it could have spread 60 feet," said Austin.

Tombstone Fire tells News 4 Tucson, they looked at maps that showed the underground area as a maze of mine shafts.

Another map showed a septic tank and another hole in the corner where there used to be an outhouse.

"Public safety becomes first priority at that point," said Austin.

Firefighters watched the street for several hours and determined there was no more danger.

"The wall seems pretty well intact," said Austin.

Berryman said he's glad no one was hurt, and in the end, he made new friends just outside of his home.

"Everybody said Welcome to Tombstone!" said Berryman with a laugh.

Berryman said he's been a truck driver since 1986 and nothing like this has ever happened to him before, but he said he's definitely not going to be parking his semi truck in his yard anytime soon.


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