Dec 31, 2012 7:11 PM by Nathan O'Neal

New year gives way to new laws

TUCSON - From changes in child custody to minimum wage, Arizona is set to enact a handful of new laws tomorrow while ushering in the New Year

Here's a look at what you need to know:

In divorce cases, new rules will be enforced on how much time each parent gets with the kids. The new move is in favor of giving more time with the dads.

It will now take more continuing education hours to keep and maintian a real estate broker's license. The change also modified course requirements.

A new office of child welfare investigations is set to begin its operations under the state Department of Economic Security. This group will act as a watch dog over child protective services.

There are also some changes in civil law. You can no longer get legal fees when trying to show that the claim or defense is harrassment, groundless or made not in good faith.

For political candidates, there will be new reporting requirements for those who do not take public funds via the Clean Elections Commission.

Another change we have in store for us: the state minimum wage is going up by 15 cents an hour to $7.80...that's 55 cents more compared to the federal minimum wage.

Retailers who sell drugs with Pseudoephedrine - a key ingredient in making meth - will be required to use a nationwide electrionic system to track their sales. It's an effort to prevent customers from skirting the law, going from store to store and to different states, in order to stock up on meth-making supplies.


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