New Year New You 2013

Feb 1, 2013 4:51 PM

New Year, New You: Eating what you like and still losing weight

TUCSON-- How would you like to shed unwanted pounds without giving up chips, cheese or barbecue sauce?
We'll now there's a spicy new weight loss secret that could have you dropping the pounds.. and still eating your favorites.

There are a lot of new diet tricks but you also have to remember that whatever you're doing it needs to make sense in your life the five two diet is a new diet that scientists have been studying that actually shows you can lose weight, you can lose fat and lower your cholesterol. What is it is you have 5 normal days of eating and two days of fasting- it's not actually fasting, it's just minimizing your calories to 500 calories a day, non consecutive days an example of one of the fasting days is this, this is about 450 calories it's a veggie burger with barbecue sauce, a pickle, a thing of low fat string cheese and pop chips."

But if the 5-2 plan seems too extreme for you. There's some fat-burning foods to help drop the pounds.

Some examples are apples it's the pectin in the skin that helps to burn fat, jalapenos... if you don't have fresh jalapenos you can just get spices and put that in your tea put that in your food and cinnamon, cinnamon has recently been found to help burn a lot of fat. Greek yogurt is a great fat burner especially belly fat. Green tea this is david's green tea and what I like about it is it's organic and it's super immune boosting which we also need right now with this crazy flu season.

Also minimize your plate size instead of ordering full size order a salad meal.


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