Sep 23, 2013 10:11 PM by Lupita Murillo

Newly released TPD reports on Midtown double murder

TUCSON - A trio of accused killers may face the death penalty. Kyle Drattlo, Christopher Terry, and Brianna Harding are charged with first degree murder. All pleaded not guilty last month in the murders of Erksin and Mary Louise Fulgham.

The Fulghams are Drattlo's grandparents, they were found dead in their midtown home in July. Days later the suspects were arrested in Nevada driving the Fulghams' car.

News 4 obtained newly released reports from the Tucson Police department. The nearly 100 page report gives details about the last day of the Fulgham's lives.

A woman who knows the elderly couple tells News 4 Tucson, "My heart goes out to the family and their friends, I hope they are resting in peace."

Besides the alleged killers, she was the last person to see the Fulgham's alive. She asked we not identify her. She saw them at 2:43pm on July 23rd. " I said hi to him (Erskin) he seemed happy."

According to the police reports, at 12:14 Kyle Drattlo called his grandparents to tell them he was stranded on Mount Lemmon.

At about 12:30, the grandparents go to the neighbors asking for a ride to an auto repair shop to pick up their 2004 Buick.

At about 1:00, Mary Fulgham is at the auto repair shop and tells the owner she can't pay for the repairs so they agree on a payment plan. The owner even fills up the gas tank for them.

While the Fulgham's are at the shop, a neighbor tells police they see a large sedan or small SUV drop off three people, including Drattlo, at the home.

After leaving the auto repair shop, Mary goes to a grocery store and picks up $200.00 via Western Union that a son sent her from Nevada.

The couple goes home, the women who asked to remain anonymous, says she saw the trio the day before. "I saw them crossing the street , and when I heard about the homicide the first thought that came to me was 'I hope it's wasn't the Fulgham's and I hope the grandson had nothing to do with it.' It was just a feeling. I knew he was living with his grandparents and I had seen the friends he had around here."

About 4:00pm, another grandson came by to check on the Fulghams and found them in a pool of blood.

News 4 contacted the suspects and their attorney for comment. As of news time, no one returned our calls.


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