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Jul 4, 2013 2:17 AM by Matthew Schwartz

News 4 Investigators: More dog track trouble?

TUCSON - According to records the News 4 Tucson Investigators have obtained from the Arizona Department of Racing, trainer Randell Graham has been cited for 11 violations in just two years, from 2010 until last year, and has been suspended twice for 60 days. One violation was because the 25 year-old Graham refused to submit to a mandated drug test.

Graham told us, "I knew I was going to test positive, so I told 'em no. And I left."

Another violation was because Graham did test positive for marijuana.

Of that he says, "I went to rehab, stuff like that. And it's going great."

Nine of the rulings against Graham were because his dogs weren't within the required racing weight. Graham replaced another trainer with numerous violations, Willie Eyler. As we first reported in April, he had been cited for 15 violations since 2010, including one for refusing to submit to a drug test, another for drugging a dog.

When we met up with Eyler in April, he denied doing anything wrong, made an obscene gesture, cursed at us and drove away.

Christine Dorchak, the president of a Massachusetts-based Greyhound advocacy group, Grey2KUSA, says "Tucson Greyhound Park is the bottom of the barrel. And if any dog track in the United States should close, it's TGP. It's really troubling that the track has chosen to replace one trainer with a long record of violations, with another.

In response, Randell Graham says he loves his dogs, and, unlike Wille Eyler, never drugged any of them. Graham told us, "I've never really gotten in trouble for endangering my dogs or anything like that. I've always been out for their best interest, and that's why the track contacted me to come back."

Track spokesman John C. Scott praised Graham's record since returning from rehab, and downplayed Graham's positive marijuana test .

Scott said, "We didn't see that (the positive marijuana test) as a serious violation, but because he didn't take a drug test, he was removed from the track for six months. He came back, he passed his drug test, and he's been successful. I think it's a great success story.

As we first reported in April, Eyler, along with three other track workers, were banned for life from Tucson Greyhound Park. One of them, a track manager, tested positive for cocaine.

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