Sep 16, 2013 5:12 PM by Brian White

News 4 Tucson celebrates 60 years of broadcasting history

TUCSON - KVOA-TV's first broadcast in Tucson was 60 years ago Sunday.

Channel 4 began producing local programs out of the same studios we're working out of today at the studio on Elm Street. "

We made a crash course in studying the film industry, learning about lights and how lights should be installed in the studio that was being built."

TV would eventually become a glamour industry. In 1953 it was far from glamorous it was a dirty, dusty race to put local programming on the air.

"When we moved into this TV station, there was dirt where the reception is now. We hadn't had time to finish the floors. "It was crunchy gravel underfoot,"

Barreca was KVOA's first news director and news anchor. His newsroom was bare bones at best.

"I remember the typewriters were on crates and i think we had a couple of folding chairs."

No satellite feeds, no computers, and very little idea of how to transition from broadcasting in sound to a new visual medium.

"TV, we kept telling each other in the radio side, means think video."

With a tight deadline and a sharp learning curve, these broadcasting pioneers pushed themselves everyday to bring KVOA-TV to Tucson.


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