Jun 27, 2014 8:43 PM by Lauren Reimer

NFD to be reimbursed by Border Patrol for 24 emergency calls

NOGALES - Children that make it across the border sometimes are sick or injured from their journey. Once inside the Nogales detention center, sometimes there are medical emergencies.

Transporting these kids to get help is a responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the Nogales Fire Department.

Division Chief Gerardo Castro said, "Calls range from seizure activities to female teenagers that are pregnant."

Others include allergic reactions, back pain, and dehydration. Most of those patients are taken to Carondelet Holy Cross Hospital.

"The relationship between the city of Nogales and border patrol is a long standing one," said Nogales City Manager Shane Dille. "We've got a lot of history there. The fact of the matter is they have accidents periodically over the course of any given year."

Every day, NFD usually responds to seven or eight medical calls. The extra 1,000 migrant children in town are adding anywhere from one to five runs onto that average.

And each one costs money. It's not coming from the city's pocket.

"Fortunately for us there's already a mechanism in place for the city to recover costs involved in providing those services in support of the Border Patrol operation," said Dille.

The city of Nogales is reimbursed just less than $1,200, plus mileage, for every trip the fire department makes. So in the month of June alone, it could expect around $30,000 from Border Patrol.

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