Jan 21, 2014 11:31 PM by Rebecca Taylor

Nightmare traffic stop, but who's the law enforcement agency?

TUCSON - A Tucson woman says she was harassed and humiliated during a traffic stop. But this stop she says was anything but routine.

A law enforcement official, reportedly forcing the woman out of her vehicle, berating her, while her elderly mother and friend were told to stay in the car or be arrested.

The woman filed a complaint with the Sheriff's office, but officials there are certain it wasn't one of their deputies.

Deputies say the traffic stop was caught on tape outside an east side convenience store. But the video's too dark to make out the license plate or agency who made the stop.

Until it's sorted out, the victim wants to remain anonymous but she is sharing her story on Facebook.

Sunday night on Houghton near Irvington a woman saw lights and sirens in her rear-view mirror. She pulled over in a construction zone. Minutes pass, no one got out of the law enforcement vehicle parked behind her. So she turned the corner, into a Quick Mart parking lot.

Instead of asking for license and registration, she claims a man dressed in a law enforcement uniform ordered her out of the car, screaming "Don't you know how to stop for the police, expletive?"

Asking why she was stopped, she claims the man yelled more obscenities. When she called out for help she says, "He screamed at my friend, telling her he was going to take us to jail, if she stepped out of the car."

Unable to make out the official's badge she says, "At this point I asked for his name, and he said he didn't have to give it to me."

That's when a second uniformed man appeared. She was then ordered back in her car, and the two men in the SUV, left. No explanation, no ticket issued.
The next morning she reported it to PCSO.

Cpt. Deanna Johnson says there were no calls in the area, at the time and none with two deputies.

"We also drive a different type of SUV than what it appears to be in the video, that SUV does not look to be one of ours, and there's lights on the SUV that we don't install on our vehicles," says Johnson.

Could it have been a fictitious stop, someone dresses up as law enforcement? Cpt. Johnson doesn't think so, since there was no theft or physical harm.

What's next in the investigation?

"So there are several law enforcement agencies, federal, state, local in the area, and those folks are going to be notified that we received this report and it's up to them what they choose to do with that information," Johnson says.

Cpt. Johnson says the woman did the right thing by pulling over in a well lit area, complying with the official and then reporting her experience.

We'll keep you posted with any updates to the story.


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