Sep 17, 2013 11:11 AM by Ryan Haarer

No change? No problem. Feed the meter with your smartphone

TUCSON - On a busy night downtown you may pull up to the last parking meter and find yourself scrambling under the seat for a few quarters.

"It's hard to get change. I just carry my debit card around," said Aurora, who parks downtown.

That's why the guys at Park Genius developed an app to pay a meter electronically in the entrepreneurship program at the u of a. just click on the app and enter the meter number. Select the amount of time you want to pay for and you are on your way.

"Coins these days are just inconvenient. They're heavy and nobody wants to have them. Nobody wants to be the person breaking a dollar in a restaurant," said Austin Weiss, co-founder of Park Genius.

The city signed on for a three month trial AT 200 of their parking meters. Locations include University Blvd, 7th St. by UA Rec Center, Helen St. outside Eller College of Management, Alameda between Toole and the I-10, and Scott Ave. between Pennington and Broadway.
"It's free to the city. It's free to download the application. The way we make money is a 35-cent transaction fee on top of the meter fee," said Weiss.

Even if you have enough change nobody will warn you your meter is about to expire. The Park Genius app lets you know five minutes in advance so you never have to leave the dinner table to feed the meter.

"The meter itself won't change but don't be worried, the enforcement officer will get a notification on their phone that lets them know your spot has been paid for electronically," said Weiss.

The app can be downloaded on the iTunes app store and the Google Play store.


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