Feb 6, 2013 6:01 PM

No gun show cancellations yet at TCC

A spokesperson for the City of Tucson says they haven't had any cancellations for gun shows at the Tucson Convention Center since the city council's resolution Tuesday to ban shows that allow private party sales without background checks. However, the TCC has secured five dates for gun shows this year though no contracts have been signed.

But Lori McMann who runs the McMann Roadrunner Gun Show says for now they will be hosting their next gun shows at a private venue in the county. Over the phone, she told News 4 Tucson that she would like to stay penciled in for a 2014 show at the TCC should the city change its mind but for now they would be taking their business to the Tucson Expo Center, "we have shows at the Tucson Expo Center already, which is outside city limits and it's a privately owned building, private property. We can have all of our shows there."

The general manager the Expo Center said he would gladly take the gun show business.

A report released Wednesday shows in three years the city has generated $128,380 from hosting gun shows at the TCC from February 2010 to September 2012.

Meanwhile, Richard Elias, a Pima County Supervisor said he's had pressure from constituents asking for stricter rules at gun shows held in the county, "do I think it would be a good idea if we had background checks there at those gun shows? I absolutely do. And I would have no problem calling my representatives on the fair commission and telling them that but again I offer them the latitude to do what they think is correct and that's why I've appointed them to sit on the fair commission."

As of Wednesday afternoon the Gun Owners of Arizona and the Arizona Citizen Defense League both said they would not be taking legal action against the city for their decision regarding gun shows.


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