Feb 6, 2013 8:24 PM by Sean Mooney

No Saturday mail service soon to be delivered

TUCSON - There will no longer be anything special about mail deliveries on the weekend. On Wednesday the U.S. Postmaster General announced that Saturday mail delivery will end in August.

After wrangling with Congress for years the financially strapped U.S. Postal Service came up with their own plan, cutting back to five days of mail delivery and packages still delivered on Saturdays.

It's an option the Postmaster General, Pat Donahoe says employees wanted, "You know what our letter carriers tell me? Mr. Donahue, get to five day. Preserve package delivery on Saturday. Customers want that. We don't have enough mail to sustain here. They know that, our employees know that."

Tucson postal customer Heather Rariden says one day less of mail delivery is going to have a major impact on her life, "I don't think it is that big of a deal because a lot of mail goes to email now and there is not as much business at the post office as there used to be."

Post offices with weekend hours will continue to stay open but postal customer Hal Myers believes a the shortened delivery week may is just another indication of the government not managing its business, "I am sad to hear it but i am also sad that the federal government has not seen fit to support the post office. it seems to me that a country as rich as ours we should be able to pay for a postal service."

The no Saturday delivery is scheduled to begin the week of August 5th.


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