May 25, 2013 2:14 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Nogales celebrates "Hangover 3" premiere

NOGALES - People who worked on the movie, The Hangover 3, celebrated its premiere at Oasis Cinema Friday night.

Much of the film was shot in Downtown Nogales, but the city was posing as Tijuana.

Maria Morales Pappas worked in the hair department during filming. She was also born and raised in Nogales.

"I never really did think that I was going to come down here and work," she said, "but I was so happy when they called. Coming back home."

Bracker's Department Store logo was covered during filming, but one of its owners, Bruce Bracker, was happy the city is getting good publicity.

"The press has really beat up on the border communities as being unsafe, and it's just not true," Bracker said. "We are probably the safest communities in the state of Arizona, and I think, when you had all those people coming down here taking a look at it, that's what they saw."

Some estimate the film put at least $2 million in the local economy.

Crews worked in the city about 3 weeks. Most of the filming was shot in 3 days.


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