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Jun 29, 2013 10:02 PM by Erika Flores

Nonprofit expands to help more homeless veterans

TUCSON-A local nonprofit has expanded its facilities to serve more homeless military veterans in Tucson.

The group held a grand opening Saturday showing off its transitional housing and community center.

The nonprofit now has additional:
• three-unit, 15-bed complex for male veterans
• five-unit, 10-bed complex for female veterans and their families
• A multipurpose community center

Veterans already living here said this place is a lifesaver and they're glad that Esperanza en Escalante will have more housing to help even more homeless Veterans.

Dan Jones' first stay was in 1998.

"They gave me housing until I was able to move into my own apartment," said Jones.

This year, he needed help again.

"I got real depressed became homeless," said Jones.

He was depressed and sick keeping him from working and leaving him homeless.

"I have chronic pancreatitis, this will probably be my home until things go," said Jones.

He's grateful for this place he can call home.

It's one less thing he needs to worry about.

He has other things on his mind like his son.

"I have to spend as much time as I can with him when I can. We have a date every Wednesday," said Jones.

Don Hafer was homeless for six years before coming to Esperanza en Escalante, a former businessman, he came to Tucson to help take care of his mom and after she died, he couldn't get a job.

"I finally just ran out of money," said Jones.

He said no matter what veterans are going through, this non-profit helps them through it.

"Here they just give you a tremendous amount of support to keep you moving forward," said Hafer.

A support, Jones said he will need.

"Do what I need to do until things happen," said Jones.

Nonprofit organizations like Esperanza en Escalante can always use help whether it is volunteer work or donations you can even donate an American flag to these Veterans that's actually one Veteran's request. If you would like to learn how to help, contact the organization:


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