Dec 10, 2013 11:00 PM by Rebecca Taylor

NW side burglaries, residents take action

TUCSON - A rash of burglaries on the Northwest side has neighbors on high alert. Over the past seven months they say 22 homes have been targeted. Neighbors report that some homes have been hit multiple times.

The area of concern is the La Canada Magee Neighborhood.

Residents are now banding together and their diligence has netted a couple of arrests.

The break ins are happening at lunch time and in the middle of the night. Homeowners have installed cameras, alarms, even ground sensors and it's paying off.

Adorned with bright twinkling lights, it's an inviting neighborhood. But thieves beware, residents like Carolyn Lemmon are watching you.

"It's just not right that people are trespassing and taking advantage," says Lemmon.

Sick of her vehicles being broken into, she has planted motion sensors on her property. Just the other night, she says her son caught a crook in the act.

"Chased him down and had the Sheriff on the phone, they responded immediately," says Lemmon.

Neighbor Priscilla Ewy says, "Every other house it seems in this street has been affected, one way or another."

Ewy says daytime break ins are frequent too. Burglars knock on the door, and if no one's home, force their way in.

"They kick a door in, they jimmy open a window, they go through a doggie door, and in five minutes they've gotten what they want," says Ewy.

Among the items stolen items: electronics, computers, collectible coins and sentimental jewelry. One homeowner is urging neighbors to take photographs of their valuables, in the event thieves strike again.

Residents are also urged to report anything or anyone suspicious, to the sheriff and to Ewy. She has set up an email-alert for the entire neighborhood association, warning of the thieves' modus operandi.

"If anything happens on one street, we all know about what's happening and what they new methods are," says Ewy.

Lemmon says, "I know a couple of people have been apprehended by the diligence of neighbors, and we're going to continue to be proactive about that."

Just North of the La Canada Magee Neighborhood, arson fires have been reported. If you have any information that can help authorities call 911 or 88-CRIME.


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