Jan 12, 2013 7:35 PM by Erika Flores

NWF: First weather-related fire this weekend

TUCSON-Northwest fire wants to remind everyone to be cautious while trying to stay warm.

Crews responded to a house fire Saturday morning after a heat lamp fell onto a blanket.

Northwest fire displays tips at their stations.

They hope the community will do hat they can to prevent emergencies during this cold weekend.

Saturday morning, Northwest Fire put out its first weather related fire of the weekend.

"They took some extra measures to try to keep the pets warm, but those extra measures were hazardous in terms of a fire danger," said Captain Adam Goldberg from Northwest Fire.

A blanket and a heating lamp is all it took to light fire to a wooden bench and spread to the attic.

"We need to make sure we keep at least a three foot space between combustibles and a heating source," said Cpt. Goldberg.

A family of four, their birds and cats that they were trying to keep warm through the freezing night all made it out safe.

"That fire would have been extremely large and very hazardous had they been sleeping and had that fire grown to a point to where it came down into the living space," said Goldberg.

Goldberg said it's important to take care of your pets, but keeping a heating lamp and blanket by their side isn't the best way to go.

"22, 27 degrees, pets that are normally outside pets sometimes become inside pets," he said.

Naughton's president Frank Naughton said when using heating lamps and space heaters of any kind, "Make sure you have distance between combustibles."

Newer space heaters have a safety tip-over switch, but Naughton warns it's still important to keep an eye on them.

Although convenient, these aren't the items that have been flying off the shelves at Naughton's.

Pipe coverings are.

Dan Contorno is investing in these pipe covers before Saturday night's freeze.

"It is 12 dollars for the possibility of offsetting some huge cost of if your pipes should burst," he said.

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