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Officially illegal to post naked photos of your ex in Arizona

ARIZONA - You have heard of revenge porn, right? Well, the latest cyber-bullying law went into effect on Thursday, making revenge porn a felony.

The punishment is a minimum of six months to a year in prison and a $150,000 fine.

Revenge porn is also known as cyber rape. This is done by uploading pictures of another person in a sexual act without their consent.

Some websites, including isanyoneup,Ugotposted and changemyreputation, have even taken advantage of this and posted the explicit photos on their site.

The victims have paid as much as $350 to have the picture removed.

Arizona's new law makes not only uploading to websites but also any kind of distribution of nude photos or videos of another person a Class 5 felony if the person is unrecognizable or a Class 4 felony if they are recognizable.

The revenge-porn bill, HB 2515, which Brewer signed into law in April, also amended the state's domestic-violence statute to state that revenge porn can be a type of domestic violence.

(Photo courtesy of azcentral)


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