Feb 28, 2013 4:08 PM by Lupita Murillo

Old DNA samples may help solve cold case

Ms. Kron was stabbed numerous times, in and around the desk area-- it appeared as though it was a violent struggle.

Det. Kelly Anderson says there was no DNA back then, and when the cold case unit was formed in 2007, the original detective who investigated the Kron murder told them this would be a good case for DNA testing.

The detectives were shrewd enough even back in 1974 to collect a great amount of evidence in this case.
Det. Anderson says there was a suspect in the case but no one was ever charged.

Not enough probable cause was ever developed to effect an arrest on this particular individual.

Then, 33 years later in 2007, DNA testing came up with a partial male profile. But it wasn't enough to run thru the national data base.

The amount of dna that was collected and developed in 2007 might yield a better profile today.


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