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Nov 26, 2012 8:26 PM by Erika Flores

Oro Valley missing woman's son seeks public's help

TUCSON - The Mt. Lemmon search for a missing Oro Valley woman was called off Monday morning.

51-year-old Janet Rennspies was last seen Wednesday.

She told family she was heading to Mt. Lemmon to watch the sunrise.

Two days later, her car was found in the parking lot of the Mt. Lemmon observatory.

Family is asking for the public's help in finding her more now than ever after the search was officially suspended Monday morning.

After searching off and on trails with a helicopter, canines even horses, search teams have stopped searching the mountain pending new information.

Rennspies son Brenden Lawless said Rennspies left to see the sunrise on Mt. Lemmon.

She had recently lost a loved one, and it's a place she went to reflect when mourning someone.

"She just wanted to be alone, and we respected that," said Lawless. "And when she didn't come back that night, we just figured she was staying with a friend of something like that. We figured she didn't want to be around family for thanksgiving because it would be hard not having him there. She kind of just wanted to be alone, and when she didn't come back that day that's when we knew something was wrong really wrong."

Family found Rennspies car on Mt. Lemmon, but that's the only lead they've had.

That led to the search on the mountain, but now they need more leads.

"It's hard to wait. Every phone call I get is scary especially when it comes from the police," said her son. "I don't know if they're going to tell me that they didn't find her which is hard to hear because that's one more day that she's on the mountain, and it's getting colder and colder every night... or that they did find her, and if she's alive or not so it has definitely been a big roller coaster."

If you know anything, call 88-CRIME.

She is blonde, blue eyed, 51 years old, five-foot-five, 125 pounds.


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