Sep 18, 2012 3:42 PM by Danielle Lerner

Oro Valley PD kicks off increased enforcement program

People driving through Oro Valley Tuesday morning probably noticed a few more police officers along the road. That is because the department kicked off it's increased enforcement program. The department stationed several motorcycle officers on Oracle Road at the Magee and Suffolk intersections. It is an area where officers are seeing more injury-related collisions.

The department hopes to increase awareness and decrease the number of crashes by keeping a close eye on drivers. They say a majority of the accidents are avoidable if people pay attention, follow the rules and practice a bit of patience.

"At Oracle and Magee specifically we're seeing the angle accidents, where people are failing to obey the traffic control devices, the lights," said Lt. Chris Olson of the Oro Valley Police Department. "At Oracle and Suffolk it has a lot to do with the congestion, abrupt stopping, resulting in rear-end collisions."

The program runs for 90 days with increased enforcements scattered throughout the next few months. The department will notify the public when and where they will take place. Officers will be back in the area Wednesday afternoon.


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