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Jan 8, 2014 10:15 AM by Joh

Overall Fitness Update

Tucson - John Overall here, checking in halfway through our first week of the News4 Tucson Fit-4-14 Challenge.

It's too early to really notice any weight loss or major difference in the way I feel but I am happy to report I have made some major changes in my eating habits.

I've cut out all processed foods! I'm eating several small meals consisting of greens, beans, and protein. Our Amped Fitness trainer, Bryan Mashburn, introduced us to this plan featured in the "4-Hour Body" written by Timothy Ferriss.

Right now I'm not following it completely because I'm just trying to focus on eating a more "clean" diet to start. If I don't see positive results soon I'll dive in and totally commit to the 4-Hour Body Plan.

Our first workout at Amped Fitness was centered around care exercises and cardio work. I was pleased with my overall strength but disappointed in my cardio fitness. Of course I must give myself a break considering I have not done any cardio work since undergoing knee replacement surgery in August and I had not done much cardio for the year prior to surgery due to knee pain.

Bottom line, so far, so good!

We'd like to have you join us in this Fit-4-14 Challenge. You can follow our progress on the air, on, and on our Facebook pages. You can also compete with us and others around town.

The first 100 people to weigh in at Amped Fitness on Saturday will receive free nutrional and fitness tips from Bryan and Jayson and the person with the highest percentage of weight loss after six weeks wins six months of free group training at Amped Fitness.

Good luck!


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