Feb 27, 2014 11:30 PM by John Overall

Panda One gets a 'good' but its not OK

TUCSON - When a county health inspector gives a restaurant a Good grade you might assume everything is ok. But that's not always the case.

There are six grades a Pima County health inspector can give to a restaurant Good is the 2nd best grade behind Excellent and a restaurant can get a Good grade even when it keeps repeating the same mistakes.

Panda One Chinese Restaurant on North Oracle has only received two Excellent grades since 2007. Panda One keeps getting marked down for repeating some of the same problems.

This week Panda One got written up for four critical violations and one non critical violation.

Potentially hazardous foods on the hot holding line were not hot enough. Some were well below the required 130 degrees. They corrected the problem by discarding the food.

Food stored in the refrigerator was stacked on top of other food without covers. That's a risk for cross contamination.

And the dish machine wasn't sanitizing.

The health inspector said the entire kitchen at Panda One Chinese Restaurant needs a deep cleaning and gave them 30 days to get it done. Panda One squeaked out a Good grade.

Coach's All American Bar and Grill on South Alpha Ave. in Green Valley has scored two Excellent grades out of its last eight inspections. The other six inspections Coach's could only manage a Good Grade.

During its last inspection Coach's All American Bar and Grill was hit with two critical violations and one non critical violation.

Potentially hazardous food, including potato salad and roast beef was being stored above the required 41 degrees.

A can opener and knives were stored on a magnetic strip with encrusted food debris on the surface.

The stove and grill had built up, burned on, food debris and the wall behind the hot holding area was splattered with food.

Coach's All American Bar and Grill gets a Good grade.

Two weeks ago we told you that Chopstix Asian Diner on South Palo Verde was cited for four critical violations and three non critical violations and received a Needs Improvement grade.

12 days later Chopstix Asian Diner showed that improvement and passed its reinspection.

Now here are three local restaurants that scored an Excellent grade.

Maria's Café on South Sixth Avenue.

Rosa's Mexican Food on East Ft. Lowell.

And El Ranchero on East Butterweed Drive.


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