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Feb 16, 2013 1:53 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Parent reacts to school closure approval

TUCSON - Tucson Unified School District received approval from the U.S. District Court to close 11 schools.

"No, there's no surprise," Stephanie Hamilton said. "We pretty much figured it was going to be approved."

Her 3 children attend Brichta Elementary. Her husband teaches at Maxwell Middle School. Both are scheduled to close.

"There's a high level of disruption on the West Side," Hamilton said, "not only for the schools that are being closed, but for the schools that are receiving new students."

Hamilton thinks parents will leave the district after losing their battles to keep schools open.

"I would be surprised if there isn't going to be a bigger exodus than what they're counting on," Hamilton said.

Her husband has to find a new job, and she has to decide on a school for her kids.

"They're very, very sad," Hamilton said, "and we're waiting to see how all of this plays out."


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