May 10, 2013 12:38 PM by Sam Salzwedel

People worry about stray dog in Sahuarita

SAHUARITA - A lost dog has been wandering around Rancho Sahuarita the past 3 weeks, and some people are worried about safety.

Kim Silver spent Thursday afternoon handing out flyers and talking to people in the areas they have seen the animal. She has been losing sleep and working hard even though she does not know who owns the dog.

"I don't understand why people wouldn't," Silver said, "and I think that's just when you're an animal lover. That's just how you think. It's just what you do."

A few volunteers have set up cage traps with food, but the dog does not seem to be interested.

They have named the elusive animal Waldo.

Waldo has been hit by a car 3 times, according to Silver. She said somebody witnessed the collision every time.

"A dog that's fearful and in pain is more likely to bite," Silver said. "[If he bites somebody] they will euthanize him in order to determine if he has rabies, because we don't know who his owner is, and we don't have any vaccination history on him."

Silver has been posting about Waldo in a private Rancho Sahuarita Facebook group. One of her threads had more than 100 comments Thursday night.

"They don't just sit by and watch things happen," Silver said. "They get up and do stuff. So there's something special about the community out here for sure."

Silver is struggling to stay optimistic about their strategy. She hopes a professional with experience in humanely catching animals will help. She has made a lot of phone calls without much success.

Kim is hoping people will call or text if they see the dog or want to help catch him. Her number is 520-820-7143. Vicki Borzath has also been helping. Her number is 520-668-9040.

Pima Animal Care tried to catch the dog once, but he ran away, according to Silver.


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