May 7, 2014 12:35 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Personnel record of TPD Sergeant released, he's accused of shoving UA student

TUCSON - It was the shove caught on camera that made national headlines.

A University of Arizona student knocked into a metal bench by a Tucson Police Sergeant during the March 29th melee on University Boulevard.

For the first time, News 4 Tucson has obtained a detailed look at Sergeant Joel Mann's personnel record. According to Sgt. Mann's internal affairs history he had three violations in three years including suspensions.

He's also received multiple merit raises and positive performance reviews.

Sgt. Mann has been with TPD since 1995. His base salary is nearly $82,000 according to 2010 records, provided by the department.

Sgt. Mann has been active in the Army National Guard since 1987, specializing as a scout and attack helicopter crew chief.

A review of Sgt. Mann's internal affairs history shows he sustained violations in October 2003, April 2005 and February 2006.

In the 2005 incident Sgt. Mann was suspended for three days with pay. A citizen complained that during a traffic stop for speeding Sgt. Mann was "arrogant, flippant, threatening and completely offensive".

When questioned by his superiors, Sgt. Mann stated "it was his common practice to have all violators of criminal traffic exit their vehicles and be placed in handcuffs. He then has the violator sit on the front bumper of his police car while he continues the investigation".

Ultimately, the Chain of Command investigation concluded Sgt. Mann's comments were "unacceptable, unprofessional, very dangerous, and is a serious liability risk for the Tucson Police Department and the City of Tucson".

Sgt. Mann has received three additional lesser reprimands ranging from failure to appear in court, taking action while off duty, damage and abuse of police property for steering his patrol car in a ditch, in 1996.

Sgt. Mann's personnel record also shows multiple positive reviews and merit raises over the years.

His performance evaluations are often rated 'meets and exceeds standards'.

The records, provided by TPD don't include any recent personnel documents, including the March 29th post-game ruckus in which Sgt. Mann is under investigated.

We've made attempts to interview Sgt. Mann, but through his attorney has denied our requests.

The FBI is also investigating Sgt. Mann's actions and whether or not he violated Christina Gardilcic's civil rights.

News 4 Tucson asked her, did the police officer give you any directive?

"No," Gardilcic says.

Did they ever tell you to get back, don't get any farther, don't cross any line?

"No. And there were people all around, even; I mean it was caught on video, so obviously someone was standing right there," Gardilcic says.

No word yet on when the investigations are expected to be complete.


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