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Apr 16, 2013 10:15 PM by Lupita Murillo

Pima Co. Sheriff's bomb tech keeping in touch with bomb techs in Boston

TUCSON - Security remains tight across the country following the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

As the medical community takes care of the wounded law enforcement is investigating the components of the bomb.

Sgt. Chris Rogers, of the Pima County Regional SWAT team heads the Bomb Squad. He's trained around the world in bomb investigations. Last year, Sgt. Rogers trained with Boston Police and Massachusetts State Police Bomb Technicians. They are the ones working the Boston Marathon blasts.

"At this point I know the investigation has moved on to the post blast investigation. I know guys I've worked with in Boston and FBI and ATF agents are some of the best people in the field," he says.

The bombs that ripped through the crowd at the Boston Marathon were made out of pressure cookers and packed with pieces of metal, nails and ball bearings to inflict maximum trauma.

"Evidence experts from different agencies that specialize in post blast investigations will collect parts and components and piece the device back together."

He says the Triano bombing in Tucson, had metal components that scattered onto sunrise drive. The blast occurred in the parking lot of La Paloma Country Club in November 1996.

Tucson businessman Gary Triano was getting in his car when someone detonated the bomb. It ripped off the roof of the car and killed him immediately.

Pima County Sheriff's Department's Bureau Chief Rick Kastigar has connections to both bombings.

"My daughter, was actually walking towards the finish line at the Boston Marathon," he said. "Her husband my son in law was running the race and just as the bombs went off she texted me 'something is wrong dad.' It was a pretty scary text to get. She had the two
granddaughters with her."

Chief Kastigar gets emotional, and composes himself. He says the lines of communication were cut off, he and his wife did not know for hours what was going on.

Finally he heard from his daughter, they were fine. But at the same time, he thinks about the victims, and their families, and his heart goes out to them.


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