Apr 12, 2013 6:36 AM by Nathan O'Neal

Pima County residents have mixed reviews on road repair solutions

TUCSON - With a back-log of roads in need of repair, replacement and maintenance, Pima County estimates it will take $268 million and a new approach to funding to fix all of its failing roads.

Marie Geraci lives on the east side of town on county property. She knows exactly how much of a headache county-maintained roads can be.

"This has never been paved for 27 years," Geraci told News 4 Tucson, adding: "A lot of us walk, bike and hike out here and it's getting dangerous."

Geraci admits that the county makes small repairs occasionally but nothing that fixes the problem, creating headaches and hazards.

"Huge chunks of the asphalt that just end up on the road and you can hit those and destroy your tires... destroy your wheel," she said.

Geraci says the roads have been in such disrepair that a neighbor who moved into the area quickly sold the house because the roads were so torn up on some of the side streets.

One of the short-term fixes the county proposed includes increasing the gasoline state tax from 19 cents per gallon to 29 cents.

Andy Hubbard lives in the county and would support that kind of solution if the promise to fix the roads held up.

"I mean I know money is tight in a lot of budgets so there are certainly some areas that have some horrific pot holes," Hubbard said, adding: "I mean I want to know what the details are... how much is it going to be... how much is going right back into pot holes... is it providing funding at the state level, the county level."

As for Marie, she's not on board.

"No... where has all the money gone?" she asked, adding: "I think they need to come up with a better way to fund our roads."


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