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Aug 5, 2013 2:20 AM by Lupita Murillo

Pima County's lost and found tracks stolen items and evidence

TUCSON - George Riley gathers goods to be shipped out to the "eBay" of law enforcement. Riley is the lead technician for the Pima County Sheriff's Department Property and Evidence unit.

"This is actually a very small load, most of the time if have fout to six pallets."

Seized pallets of property that were evidence at one point. Sgt. Costaki "Tyke" Manoleas heads the unit. "We've tried to find owners for all these items, we've been unsuccessful, we've run all the items in the newspaper as part of the legal notice."

Riley adds, "If someone can come forward and prove that it was theirs, we'll give it back to them."

Just ask Debbie McInnis from Virginia. "I couldn't thank them enough." She got back some family heirlooms taken from her uncle's house during a burglary in 2003.

"My uncle had already passed away , it just gave us a feeling of reliving some great memories. He was an extremely kind and good man."

McInnis says the Property and Evidence unit went thru a great deal to locate her.

"I had a name change, I had an address change, and still they tracked me down."

So that they even found her was a miracle, and then to have a piece of her family history back was incredible.

"I couldn't thank them enough for all their efforts and for also demonstrating true integrity."

However items that go unclaimed goes off to and auctioned off. Sgt. Manoleas, "Property room takes a portion of the money as part of the billing for selling it, and we take the rest."

Since 2009 when Pima County teamed up with, nearly $20,000 has been deposited in the bank.

It's a win-win situation, the public gets the benefit because the money goes back into the county budget, and these items are recycled which means it doesn't make it to the county landfill. If you have story email


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