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Pima football team gearing up for 2014 season

Pima C.C. is hard at work trying to re-gain the form that brought the Aztecs a national championship. We caught up with the hard working bunch just days before their first scrimmage.

It's Wednesday night and Pima's practice has long been finished. But one athlete remains in the far corner of the field, staying late, working on technique. It's nothing new, it's the mentality coach Jim Monaco has installed in the Aztecs.

"I expect them to win every single down they play," said Monaco. "I expect them to win every single practice down. I expect them to win in the classroom."

It's a lot to ask a group of kids in their late teens. Reaching those expectations is seemingly impossible. Yet players are striving to meet coach's demands.

"Coach Monaco is doing a good job with basically turning us into an army," explained Aztecs running back Antony Thomas. "I've always wanted a coach like that because he pushes you. He rides you and never chooses favorites. He's basically getting it into our mindsets to go be animals.

"We're basically ready to go rip someone's heads off."

Monaco added: "the kids are getting after it finally. We're getting some good hitting and practice has picked up a lot more.

"My outlook is we'll have a chance in every game we're going to play."


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