Jan 30, 2013 12:15 PM by Faye DeHoff

Pit bull pup found in garbage can on the road to recovery

TUCSON - A puppy is on the road to recovery after being dumped in a garbage can.

Oscar, an 8-week-old pit bull-mix, was left in a trash can at Reid Park in mid-January, one of the coldest weeks this winter. He was found in a plastic bag by a local vending company employee who decided to take a late lunch at the park. Saving this lucky pup's life, the man delivered Oscar to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

But his chances of survival at that time were slim to none. Oscar has a deformed back foot and is missing bones in his foot, which cause it to appear much different than normal. Veterinarians say the missing bones are most likely the result of trauma.

But thankfully for Oscar, veterinarians at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona say that he will make a full recovery and lead a normal life.

Although Oscar may have had a rough start at life, no trash can or damaged foot can stop this pup from living life. Oscar's current hobbies include sleeping, tug-of-war and eating! He is rambunctious and curious to say the least!

And while Oscar may have had a happy ending, often times other puppies and adult dogs don't stand a chance. Oscar's compelling yet depressing story is quite common. There are thousands of unwanted animals left to survive on their own every year in our community with stories that do not end as happily.

Animal dumping is cruelty and it is a crime. Please take the time to stay cognizant and anonymously report any animal cruelty you see by calling the Animal Cruelty Task Force of Southern Arizona at 520-547-0260 or call 88-CRIME.

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