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Jan 10, 2013 12:28 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Domestic violence charges dropped for UA football's Ka'Deem Carey

TUCSON - Tucson's city prosecutor announced Friday that his office dismissed the domestic violence charges against UA football running back Ka'Deem Carey.

Carey was charged of misdeamenor assault and disorderly conduct back in December. He plead not guilty to those charges in January.

Prosecutor Baird Greene explained the dismissal.

"A key witness for the prosecution is unavailable, and even if the witness were available, there is no substantial likelihood that a judge would convict Mr. Carey of either charge of domestic violence given the state of the evidence," Greene said in a release.


TUCSON - New details on Arizona running back Ka'Deem Carey's trouble with the law.

News 4 has obtained the police report detailing Carey's alleged altercation with his pregnant ex-girlfriend late last month.

That fight led to Carey getting a restraining order filed against him.

A hearing scheduled this Thursday where the Canyon del Oro grad had expected to face charges has been postponed.

It's been reported by several media outlets that Ka'Deem Carey broke into his ex-girlfriend's home.

But according to just released Tucson Police documents, the ex's were still living under the same roof.

They'd been dating for 15 months, living together for the past year but no longer sharing a bedroom.

According to Carey's ex girlfriend on December 23rd, 2012 Carey was antagonizing her and playing loud music.

At some point they fought over who the bedroom belonged to.

According to the report, the ex girlfriend said she tried pushing him out of the room, but Carey pushed back.

She fell to the ground, injuring her arm.

She also alleges Carey was smoking marijuana in the bathroom.

When she opened the bathroom door to say he couldn't smoke in the house because she's pregnant, she says Carey tried to close the door, slamming her fingers.

An officer noted injuries to both her hand and arms.

Carey's version of events are different. He told police he was getting ready for church and listening to music.

Carey says he went into his ex's bedroom to grab his computer charger.

While bending over Carey says she began punching him in the head and they both fell to the ground.

An officer noted a cut on Carey's knee and a forehead bump about the size of a nickel.

Carey says he ran to the hall bathroom to try to get away.

His ex's fingers, he says were slammed while trying to close the door.

Waiting for his ride, Carey told police his ex girlfriend's brother and mother showed up.

The mother told him that she was going to call police.

In response, Carey tried to get a restraining order against the 23-year-old ex-girlfriend and her mother but that request was denied.

Carey is now staying with relatives.

Charges against him are expected to be filed next week.


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